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Intuitive Art
My art is  a result of my natural talent, completely self-taught,
and is related with my ability to connect with the energy
that i want  to bring  to the paper. 
Art heals  everyway we choose to use it.
Inspiration and creativity are waves of energy coming from the Cosmos.
​Art and spirituality is one as everything comes from the divine. 
But when we use it consciously for this reason it has a targeted healing effect.
My work depends on it,  to the coscious connection with the cosmic energy
and to the countless forms expresses herself.

What do you need?
Let me know and we are going to bring it to paper
The painting will be a door of manifestation
where the energy will diffused awaken 
An altar where you can connect and meditate

  1. Purifying the Womb
    Purifying the Womb
    SOLD This painting made for a female client who wanted to bring healing to the womb, transformation and purification. Make the womb, a womb of sanctity. Many diffrent Goddesses has been worshiped for this painting to take flesh, Aphrodite, White Tara, Goddess of Tantra. The colors , are those who suits better to the soul of the client and the her special soul.
  2. Goddess Kali in the Golden Age
    Goddess Kali in the Golden Age
    SOLD When you fight the evil, you need loads of love. Kali in the Golden age destroys demons with her love which is abundant and full of graciousness . This painting made for a client who is a healer and wanted to a painting for her treatment ream, but also for her personal transformation. The painting works as a gate where connected with the heart, someone can receive healing and guidance, as well as protection
  3. Jesus in the Golden Age
    Jesus in the Golden Age
    SOLD This painting is for a Light -Center at Heraklion in Crete. It Represents the dynamo of Christlight in the Golden Age, which is total authority.
  4. angel, beauty
    Angel of Beauty
    SOLD The angel of beauty manifested in paper, the energy of the soul impinted on paper. A painting for a client who wants to bring the energy of her soul down to earth.
  5. Babaji & Divine Mother
    Babaji & Divine Mother
    SOLD A painting for a client who needs assistance for her personal path even more now that her mother passed away. For a child to lose the parent is like an inner death, many pieces fall apart and the soul get naked. iption