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Energy Feng Shui

" The methodology behind energetic feng shui isn’t
about visibly changing the set up of a room by moving 
furniture, or painting a wall a different color to harness 
a harmonious energy flow.

Instead, it’s about transform Chi in in such a way that
the people who live or work there feel supported, 
grounded, and in harmony with their surroundings.

Energetic feng shui is simple, fast and it works"

                                                                                           Alpha Chi Consultant Official Site 

Many times what we experience in our home and business as a state of being, it is not result of our own energy only, but an overload of o  energies coming from the surrounding area, or other people.

With energy feng shui we change the energetic imprint that other people left in that space before us, and remove old stories that are wrapped in the walls and funrniture. 
The energy field is created in a house after feng shui, helps people to move 

forward faster in their path,  as it supports their own energy and creates space 
for new creation. This happens because with energy feng Shui the energy field of the place is highly protected.

Many people think, why to do Feng Shui in a new building ?
The answer is simple. Even when we have a new building it doesn't mean that it has been built with the basic principles of feng Shui,  which means the building-rooms to face the right directions, balance of the elements (earth's electromagnetic field) and other. Here comes Energy Feng Shui!

It is not rare the situation of good businessman who take care of her/his business any way they can but neverthless the business can't grow the way they imagined, or problems pop up one after another(electricity, water problems and other), or the people who work in the business have repeatedly strong arguments.  These can be result of an unbalanced energy field.

Our Home and Business can be places where we live supported and protected, in a constantly alive  lightness where there is space for new creation.
What we have to do, is to take responsibility for our own well -being.

Body Feng Shui

Body Feng Shui balances the energy in the body, clears blockages and allows the harmonious flow of energy through the chakras, helping us to unleash what we do not need for our development, and move forward to our path.
An example is the application of Feng Shui to the shoulders with which  draw out heavy energy weight that we were carrying from others or from old stories.